FUN-ETICS™ is a reading system that starts out by creating a solid reading foundation through the use of completely phonetic and richly entertaining poems.

New readers and second language learners achieve immediate success because they are only exposed to completely phonetic words. Throughout the early foundation-building stage every letter in the alphabet is given one distinct sound that is always pronounced in the same way, which allows the reader to simply sound out each letter to form instantly recognizable words.

Once the learner develops a mastery of completely phonetic words, then spelling and pronunciation “exceptions to the rules” are introduced in a manageable and engaging step-by-step sequence until learners are ready to read anything they choose.

FUN-ETICS koala poem
FUN-ETICS orca poem
FUN-ETICS jaguar poem
FUN-ETICS otter poem

A “Fun-Etic” is a poetic structure within the reading and learning system of FUN-ETICS.

Like a Japanese Haiku, a Fun-Etic has a rigidly defined form.

A fun-etic possesses these seven elements:

  1. Every word has to be made up of letters that have only one distinct sound. Upon sounding out each individual letter in a word and blending those sounds together, the reader is able to articulate immediately recognizable words.
  2. All 5 vowels make only the short vowel sounds (as in cat, hen, pig, dog and duck).
  3. C and K make the same sound (as in cat and kitten).
  4. G is always hard (as in gecko).
  5. All the other letters have to make the common consonant sounds of Standard North American English. (B as in bat, D as in dog, F as in frog, etc.)
  6. All words are organized into the form of a four-line verse (a quatrain) that consists of two consecutive rhyming couplets.
  7. Each line must have seven syllables.