FUN-ETICS Brilliant Animals


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FUN-ETICS™ Brilliant Animals is the first book in a series. This hardback book features 24 beautifully illustrated poems that capture the essence of each animal whilst giving new readers a uniquely positive reading experience.

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A Fun-Etic is a poetic structure within the reading and learning system of FUN-ETICS™. Like a Japanese Haiku, a Fun-Etic has a rigidly defined form.

A Fun-Etic possesses these seven elements:

  1. Every word has to be made up of letters that have only one distinct sound. Upon sounding out each individual letter in a word and blending those sounds together, the reader is able to articulate immediately recognizable words.
  2. All 5 vowels make only the short vowel sounds (as in cat, hen, pig, dog and duck)
  3. C and K make the same sound (as in cat and kitten)
  4. G is always hard (as in gecko)
  5. All the other letters have to make the common consonant sounds of Standard North American English. (B as in bat, D as in dog, F as in frog, etc.)
  6. All words are organized into the form of a four-line verse (a quatrain) that consists of two consecutive rhyming couplets.
  7. Each line must have seven syllables.


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